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Jamaican Patois - Not for the Faint-Hearted

Jamaican Patois, the local dialect spoken by most Jamaicans, is revered worldwide, as it should. Our Patois is enthralling; full of delightful unexpectedness and makes you wish you could speak it as fluently as us locals do, like right now. Patois isn’t unique to Jamaica, as many people (including a large number of Jamaicans) believe. Patois actually [...]

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Jamaicans - Born Entrepreneurs

Walk or drive down any road, street or avenue in Jamaica on any given day of the week and see if you can keep count of the number of persons selling something. There’s the portly woman with her freshly dug ground provisions bountifully displayed on a blue tarpaulin spread on the sidewalk. Pedestrians and shoppers had better be [...]

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Beat the Blues - The Jamaican Way

It’s one of those days where everyone and everything seems to be in on a mean conspiracy to ensure you remain down in the dumps. You have two choices. You can walk around feeling beaten and downtrodden or you can face life’s woes and trials head on like a Jamaican. Like a Jamaican, really? Yep, really. Jamaica, the tiny  Caribbean [...]

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How To Shop For Jamaican Gifts & Souvenirs

So, you want to get something Jamaican. That’s just fantastic. I’m always happy when brand 'Jamaica' is in demand. Now, before you head off to a local gift shop, craft stop, roadside vendor or even online, check every item on this list to ensure you absolutely love your purchase and get the best deal. 1. Ensure the item is indeed [...]

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5 Things To Take Back Home From Jamaica

You are on a flight, homeward bound. You recline in your seat and close your eyes. An involuntary smile creeps across your face. The reason? You just remembered an awesome moment from your just concluded (and way too short) Jamaican vacation. Oh Joy! It doesn’t matter that you are heading back to the biting cold, to [...]

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The Well-Endowed Jamaican Rastaman (Carvings)

In your travels throughout Jamaica, chances are you’ve come upon a (huge, more often than not) wood carving of a Rastaman, depicted in all his unclad glory; with his disproportionately large, protruding and very erect member daring you to look away. If you haven’t seen one, you need to plan a special trip to the [...]

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About That Piece of Coconut Shell Jewelry...

Coconuts, Anyone? Everyone knows coconuts are great for you. I am almost sure you used something made from coconuts today. No? Check the ingredients for for Cocos nucifera. Told ya! From the much touted oil; with its numerous health and beauty applications, to its so-hot-right-now water, the versatile and delicious milk and even flour, coconut has an [...]

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