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Are You in Danger of Becoming Jamaicanized?

Posted by Kaycia Farquharson on

Stripping away blue paper to reveal Jamaican flag

It’s a proven phenomenon. You visit Jamaica, you fall in love with the island, its people and culture. You promised yourself you’d see the world, but her laid back charm lures you back, year after year. You finally admit it, Jamaica’s now a habit for you. What you don’t realize though, is that over the years, she’s infiltrated your psyche through the little idiosyncrasies you’ve picked up along the way. Before long, you face a full-fledged identity crisis; should you identify as Jamaican or not?

If you can totally relate to at least 6 of the following 10 key signs, it’s too late, you’ve already been indoctrinated. Your only hope is to move to the island where you’ll fit right in with the rest of us. If you have a hard time figuring out anything on the list don’t worry, you’re still very much tourist.

1. You managed to make it to work just a few minutes late after a crazy morning. As you’re about to sit at your desk, you realize you left you cell phone on the kitchen counter. In utter dismay, the first thing out of your mouth is “Cho rass!”

2. You've dined with enough Jamaicans to be able to comfortably differentiate between cocoa tea, chocolate tea, bush tea and coffee tea.

3. You've mastered the skill of summing up complete strangers - in one glance. It’s quite normal for you to proclaim, “From mi look pon him, mi see seh him a ginnal!”

4. You've developed a strong dislike for “red money” and refuse to accept them as change.

Hand with coins

5.You can and have appropriately used the expressions “backfoot”, “neckback” and “blouse an skirt”.

6.You decide you want a delicious and satisfying start to your day and all you can think of is this:

Plate of ackee & saltfish meal

7. You've sharpened your bargaining skills. You go to buy a dozen oranges from the vendor at the corner and return home with 15 of them and for a few dollars less than the price of the dozen.

8. You no longer see what’s all the fuss about being on time, after all, s*it doesn’t start till you get there, right?

9. Of course you ‘kiss your teet” whenever you hear foolishness!

10.These days, you’re taking a far more positive outlook on life. When life throws you curve balls you respond with, “It coulda worse!”.

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