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The Top Ten Most Popular Jamaican Souvenirs

Posted by Kaycia Farquharson on

Jamaican Craft Market stall

Chances are you’ve given and (or) received one or a few of the items on our list. These souvenirs are synonymous with the Jamaican experience and are readily available. It is true too that many visitors leave their souvenir shopping for the last minute, which limits how selective they can be with their choices. So many Jamaican souvenir stores, shops and craft vendors sell the same things; challenging even the savviest shopper to find something truly unusual. So, it’s not hard to see why the souvenirs on our list have been staples in homeward-bound tourists’ luggage for as long as there’ve been tourists coming to Jamaica.

Here they are:



3.Wooden craft items


5.Handmade Jewelry

6.Bottled Jerk and other spicy sauces and seasonings

7.Original paintings


9.Fridge magnets

10.Shot glasses

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