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Our Story

So who is behind all this irie niceness?

Meet one very adventurous and empowered Jamaican Dawta.


The Story 

You love the island. Its culture mesmerizes you. The people? No problem! Now you are searching for that special memento that captures the authenticity, endurance, creativity and uniqueness of everything Jamaican. Only, your search turns up mass produced items made somewhere else other than Jamaica, masquerading as "Jamaican". Frustrating. I know. So I decided to do something about it. 

I was further propelled along this path when I rebelled against the daily grind and humdrum of corporate life. There had to be an outlet for the creative, adventurous and enterprising juices flowing through my veins. Finally, I succombed to the constant itch to break free, do more, be more.  Irie Finds was born.

One of the best parts of running the store is traveling the length and breadth our beautiful island to source our unique pieces.  I enjoy meeting and chatting up the innovative and resourceful artisans who are so excited to have their work put on the world stage.  It is absolutely rewarding to be able to contribute to what for many, is their bread and butter, as we say in Jamaica.  For me, Irie Finds is my way of taking that small step in achieving the mammoth task of building our country and brand Jamaica.  And, the shopping is pretty awesome too!

Each piece is meticulously selected based on its individuality and craftsmanship.  I want you to feel completely satisfied that you undoubtedly own a little piece of our island paradise.

The hope is that Irie Finds will be forefront in your mind when nothing but the perfect piece of Jamaican jewelry, souvenir, collectible or gift will do.

Your shopping experience will always be different and inspiring as we regularly add to our colorful and exciting product offerings. 

Many of our pieces are one of a kind, so never hesitate to snag the one you love! 

Thanks for visiting. Happy shopping!

“We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.”

– Marie Curie